Browsers with MNG Support

Even more so than PNG, a large part of MNG's design was focused on the Web, particularly since animated GIFs became so popular (despite their inefficiencies). Like PNG, MNG supports partial transparency, both palette and truecolor modes, and good compression; like GIF, it supports animations. Unlike either, it has a concept of object-based (or sprite-based) animation, which allows many common forms of animation to be compressed much better than GIF. It also supports JPEG compression, with or without transparency, via its JNG subset.

This page lists standard 2D browsers; as of late 2002, there are still no MNG-supporting 3D applications, VRML or otherwise. All known MNG-supporting browsers are listed here. However, Greg doesn't always hear about new ones right away, so if you don't see something here, also check Gerard Juyn's MNG application pages, in particular these:

As with the other applications pages, links to home WWW sites or to downloadable versions are provided where known. But if a link is broken, check the location and see if the page moved or if an updated version is available (and please tell Greg!). Relevant operating systems are printed in (parenthesized italics).

These are listed alphabetically, more or less:

Here are some related MNG pages at this site:

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