Image Viewers with MNG Support

Unquestionably the biggest category of MNG-supporting applications is viewers; most major operating systems are represented (if only via Java). Note that MNG image editors can often be used as viewers, too; they just tend to be slower and may not display as nicely on limited-color systems. There's also considerable overlap between this page and the image-conversion page, since many viewers can save to different formats. A few of the viewers here even have minimal editing functions like cropping, color balance, etc. Follow the links for details. Ye have been warned... The MNG specification was approved and promoted to version 1.0 in January 2001, but even before that there were several applications with partial MNG support. Now there are so many that this page is likely to be split in the near future. (Excellent!) All known MNG-supporting applications are listed here. However, Greg doesn't always hear about new ones right away, so if you don't see something here, also try Gerard Juyn's MNG application pages:

As with the PNG-applications pages, links to home WWW sites or to downloadable versions are provided where known. But if a link is broken, check the location and see if the page moved or if an updated version is available (and please tell Greg!). Relevant operating systems are printed in (parenthesized italics).

These are listed alphabetically, more or less:

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